Message from the Principal

Welcome to North Elementary School, the smallest of Skowhegan’s in-town schools. North El., which is a sort of nickname, is unique in that we are a Pre-Kindergarten and kindergarten school. There are approximately seventy-five students in our Pre-K program; one classroom in the building and three are in modular classrooms on the playground. KVCAP administers the Pre-K programs. Although the programs are very different, there is an attempt to offer similar experiences for four and five year olds.

There are approximately one hundred students in our six kindergarten classrooms. The doors to the school open at 7:45 AM; breakfast and lunch are available for all students. Students participate in Art, Music, Physical Education, and Library each week. Since we are a small school, many spaces serve different functions. The cafeteria is also where we hold physical education classes and large group events. Our library is home to our book collection and Art and Music instruction happens here. Healthy snacks are made available each day made possible by a grant from the State nutrition office. We have two lunch sittings 11:35 AM and 12:05 PM; half of the students eat lunch while the others have their recess. The end of the school day is 2:15 PM. Many students take the bus home while some parents come to pick children up. To verify pick-up plans, please call the office (474-2907) as early as possible.

We share a few staff with other schools in the district. Our school nurse is here one day a week; however, we are able to access a nurse from another school as needed. The principal is in the building on Tuesday and Thursday; he is up the street at Margaret Chase Smith School on the other days and can be called as needed. Our school counselor is in the building on Tuesday and Friday, she provides lessons in each classroom and has social skills groups.  

In September, we began the REACH program here at North El. Students are welcome to participate in this enrichment program, which was made possible by a 21st Century Grant. The REACH program runs Monday–Thursday, 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM and transportation is provided.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call (474-2907) and ask for the principal directly. The whole staff at North Elementary School wants this to be a positive year for all of our students and families.


Christy Johnson